The book of a prophet who asks how long God will let the wicked oppress the righteous and who learns that the righteous live by faith.

Habakkuk was to write God's message on tablets
(Hab 2:2-4)

Habakkuk prophesied in Judah about 605-597 BC. He was a contemporary of Jeremiah, Nahum, and Zephaniah. The Babylonians were threatening to conquer Judah.

The prophet complains that God does not hear the cries of his people while the Babylonians advance. God replies that the Babylonians are God's own instrument. The prophet asks how God can let the wicked Babylonians conquer those who are more righteous. God replies that the righteous must live by faith (2:4).  Five woes are directed against the invaders who plunder the nations and practice violence and idolatry. Habakkuk prays in the confidence that God will save his people. Faith flourishes despite adversity.

Hab 2:4 - Righteous live by faith


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