A short prophetic book which warns that the earth will be judged on the "day of the LORD," but also promises the restoration of Zion.


The day of the Lord is clouds and thick darkness
(Zeph 1:15)

Zephaniah prophesied in Judah in the late seventh century. He was a contemporary of Jeremiah and Nahum.

The prophet first denounces Judah's sins of idolatry, violence, and fraud. The coming "day" of the Lord threatens sinners. Next the prophet declares that Philistia, Moab, Ethiopia, and Assyria wil be made desolate for their arrogance. Nevertheless, Zephaniah holds out the hope that all people will be moved to call upon God in the day that God takes away his judgment against Jerusalem.

Zeph 1:1-3 - Judgment
Zeph 3:14-20 - Hope of joy


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