Prophetic book that condemns Judah's infidelity to God, warns of Babylonian conquest, and promises a new covenant.

Jeremiah broke a pot
to warn of destruction
(Jer 19:10-11)

Jer 1-25 recounts Jeremiah's prophetic words and actions.  Jeremiah prophesied in and around Jerusalem before the city fell in 587 BC.  While he is still a young man, God calls Jeremiah to prophesy. Jeremiah condemns those who trust the Temple to deliver them from judgment against their sins (7:1-15). Jeremiah compares God's dealings with his people to a potter molding the clay.  After smashing a jar to portend destruction, he is arrested (18:1--20:6). Poignant laments appear in this section (e.g., 20:7-12).

Jer 26-45 contain memoirs of Jeremiah's life.  The scribe Baruch reads Jeremiah's prophecies in the Temple, but the king burns the scroll. Later Jeremiah wears a yoke on his neck to show people they should submit to Babylon. Eventually he is arrested. When the Babylonians capture Jerusalem, Jeremiah remains in Judah for a time before being taken to Egypt.

Jer 46-51 concludes with oracles against foreign nations and another account of the fall of Jerusalem.

Jer 1:4-10 - Call of Jeremiah
Jer 7:1-15 - Temple sermon
Jer 20:7-12 - Personal lament
Jer 31:31-34 - New covenant


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