Dead Sea

The salt lake on the eastern side of Palestine.

The Dead Sea is fifty miles long and ten miles wide, and it lies 1300 feet below sea level.  The Jordan River empties into its northern end, but because of the Dead Sea's high mineral content, no fish can survive in it.

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea
Cities near the Dead Sea in antiquity included Sodom and Gomorrah, which were said to have been destroyed by God (Gen 19:25).  David hid as an outlaw at the spring of En-gedi along the Dead Sea's western side (1 Sam 24:1).  Zechariah prophesied that on the Day of the Lord living waters would flow out from Jeruslaem to the Dead Sea (Zech 14:8) and Ezekiel said that in that day the Dead Sea would yield fish (Ezek 47:7-12).


Dead Sea
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