Prophet who led Israel out of Egypt to the Promised Land and received the law at Sinai.


God gave Moses the law
at Mount Sinai

Mountain traditionally
called Sinai

Moses' story begins with his preservation as a child in the reeds by the river Nile.  Moses was brought up in Pharaoh's court in Egypt.  As an adult Moses was angered by the oppression of the Hebrew people.  Seeing an Egyptian task master beating a Hebrew, Moses killed the Egyptian and fled to Midian.  While Moses was a shepherd in Midian, God spoke from a burning bush and called him.  His task was to go back to Egypt to bring about the deliverance of God's people, Israel. God also disclosed that the divine name was "I Am." When Moses hesitated, God told him that his brother Aaron could be his spokesman. The plagues, the crossing of the Red Sea, the gifts of manna, quails, and water in the desert were signs that God was leading his people. Moses brought the law from Mt. Sinai. Moses was unique in that he spoke with God "face to face."  While in the wilderness, Moses failed to honor God for providing water from a rock. Because of this God did not allow Moses to enter the promised land, but only to look at it from Mount Nebo in the land of Moab. He died in Transjordan.

Exod 2:1-10 - Birth
Exod 3:1-22 - Call
Exod 14:15-31 - Exodus
Exod 34:27-35 - Receives the Law
Deut 34:1-12 - Death

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