Stories of deliverance from the lions' den and fiery furnace, the writing on the wall, and visions of the end times.


God delivered Daniel
from the lion's den

Dan 1-6 includes stories about Daniel and his companions.  When the king of Babylon decrees that everyone is to worship an idol, Daniel's three companions refuse. They are thrown into a fiery furnace, but are not harmed.  Another king holds a feast using vessels taken from the Jerusalem Temple, but a hand writes on the wall words of warning which Daniel interprets.  Daniel himself is thrown into the lions' den when he refuses to pray to the king, but God preserves him.

Dan 7-12 consists of visions of the coming reign of God.  Daniel sees a vision of four beasts, which represent four empires. But one who is ancient of days appears for judgment, and one who is like a son of man comes on the clouds to receive dominion over all (Dan 7). Succeeding visions repeat the theme of the fall of human kingdoms and the arrival of the kingdom of God at the end of time.

Dan 3:13-30 - Fiery furnace
Dan 6:1-28 - Lions' den
Dan 7:9-14 - Coming son of man


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