Tells the story of Israel's wilderness wandering, including Korah's rebellion, Balaam's blessing, and the encampment at the edge of Canaan.


Spies brought grapes
from Canaan, but the
people refused to enter
(Num. 13:23)

Numbers is named for the census of the Exodus generation taken at Mount Sinai (Num 1) and for the census of the generation born in the wilderness taken on the plains of Moab (Num 26).  The first generation proves faithless and dies in the wilderness, but the second generation comes to the promised land.

Num 1-10 continues the story of Israel at Mount Sinai.  Laws are given concerning the Levites, procedures for prosecuting an adulteress, and other matters.   At the end of this section the people depart from Sinai.

Num 11-21 traces Israel's journey through the wilderness.  The people encamp at an oasis known as Kadesh-barnea.  They complain about food and Moses' leadership.  Spies enter Canaan and bring back a large cluster of grapes to show the bounty of the land, but the Israelites are afraid of the people of Canaan and refuse to enter the land. God assents to their wish -- God will let them die in the desert (Num 14).  Korah tries to seize the prerogatives of priesthood and is destroyed. God shows his own choice for the priesthood by making Aaron's rod bud and bear almonds. The people continue to complain and God afflicts them with serpents so that they repent. They are healed when the look at a bronze serpent that Moses makes. As they make their way through Transjordan, they win victories over King Sihon and King Og.

Numbers 22-36 brings Israel to the plains of Moab near the promised land.  Fearful of Israel's advance, the Moabite king Balak summons a diviner named Balaam to curse them.  God uses Balaam to bless Israel instead.  Israel commits apostasy by worshiping the Baal of Peor; Phineas the priest slew the idolaters.  Israel eventually conquers the region.

Num 6:22-26 - Priestly benediction
Num 13:17-33 - Spies explore the promised land
Num 14 - People barred from the land



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