1 Chronicles

An idealized account of David's reign that begins with extensive genealogies.

Star of David

The books of 1 and 2 Chronicles deal with the same basic story found in the books of Samuel and Kings, but with a different emphasis.

1 Chron 1-9 consists of genealogies.  These lists trace the history of Israel from Adam to the community that returns to Jerusalem after the Babylonian Exile.

1 Chron 10-29 recounts the reign of David.   David's reign is marked by his military exploits, bringing the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem, and organizing the personnel who will serve in the Temple.  Although David does not build the Temple before his death, he gives the plans for the Temple to his son Solomon.

1 Chron 17 - God's promise to David
1 Chron 22 - David prepares for building the Temple


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