Susanna is falsely charged with adultery but is delivered by the prophet Daniel.

Susanna, the wife of the wealthy and influential Joakim, inspires lust in two Jewish elders who come often to Joakim's house. The elders plot to find her alone and entice her to sleep with them; should she refuse, they threaten to tell everyone that they caught her committing adultery with a younger man.  Despite the threat, Susanna refuses their advances and so the elders accuse her, and after a brief trial she is found guilty and sentenced to death. On the way to her execution, Daniel appears, shouting that she is indeed innocent, and demands a chance to examine the elders again. Daniel shows that they are lying by demanding that they name the tree under which they allegedly found Susanna and the young man. Since they are unable to agree, Susanna is exonerated and the two elders are executed in her place. This story appears in Daniel chapter 13 in Roman Catholic Bibles.


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