The events recounted in the Bible span many centuries. Learning the major periods can help you see the Biblical story as a whole. Major events in a period are listed in the column at the right. You may also find it helpful to read the Bible Overview, which gives a narrative summary of the contents of the Bible. A chart that lists the periods along with the Biblical books, people, and places that belong to the period is provided in the Study Guide.

Periods Events
Ancestral Period
2000-1700 B.C.
 Sojourn in Egypt
1700-1275 B.C.
Exodus and Wilderness Wanderings
1275-1235 B.C.
Israel's Exodus from Egypt
1275 B.C.
Occupation and Period of the Judges
1235-1050 B.C.
United Monarchy
1050-922 B.C.
Reign of David Begins
1000 B. C.
Kingdom Divides into North and South
922 B.C.
Northern Kingdom (Israel)
922-722 B.C.
Fall of Northern Kingdom
722 B.C.
Southern Kingdom (Judah)
922-587 B.C.
Fall of Southern Kingdom
587 B.C.
Period of Exile
587-539 B.C.
Persian Period
539-332 B.C.
Some exiles return from Babylonia
539 B.C.
Hellenistic Period
332-165 B.C.
Alexander the Great captures Jerusalem
332 B.C.
Maccabean Period
165-63 B.C.
Maccabees rededicate Temple
164 B.C. 
Roman Period
63 B.C. onward
Romans take control of Palestine
63 B.C.
  Birth of Jesus
5 B.C.
  Jesus' death and resurrection
A.D. 30 
  Romans destroy Jerusalem Temple
A.D. 70



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