What is the Bible Tutor™


The Bible Tutor™ offers an opportunity to master the basic content of the Bible through independent study and interactive self-testing. It is an ecumenical study tool that appeals to various kinds of learners. Those who have some familiarity with the Bible use it both to strengthen and to broaden their knowledge of its contents. Those who are unfamiliar with the Bible use it to become better acquainted with the Biblical Story. Tips on how best to use the program are given in the section on “How to Use the Bible Tutor™.”

Format: The Bible Tutor™ is made up pages that summarize the most important information about books, people, places, and events in the Bible. Many pages begin with a one-line summary that helps users quickly identify the most significant features of a given person or book. Additional information is given in one or more short paragraphs that include hyperlinks to other pages of the Bible Tutor™, so that users can easily move back and forth between related items. Pictures and diagrams on many pages illustrate key themes and ideas, and show what the places mentioned in the Bible look like. Key Biblical texts that will be useful for further reading are given at the bottom of the pages. Self-tests allow users to check their progress in given categories or their knowledge of the Bible as a whole.

Background: Development of the Bible Tutor™ began at Luther Seminary in1995. The program was initially designed to help students preparing for ministry gain a basic working knowledge of the Bible. Seminary students are expected to pass the 100 question self-test with a score of 85% or higher. Since the program was made available on the World Wide Web, versions of the Bible Tutor™ have been used by college and seminary students, pastors and teachers, and many other people who want to know more about the Scriptures. In 2010, Luther Seminary turned over the Bible Tutor™ to Select Learning for ongoing administration and support.

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