Philip the Evangelist

The Christian who brought the Gospel to Samaria and the Ethiopian eunuch.

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Early Christians shared possessions in common, but the Hellenist wing of the church complained to the Hebrew group that their widows were being neglected in the daily distributions of food. Philip was appointed along with Stephen and other Hellenists (Greek-speakers) to oversee the distribution. After Stephen was martyred, Philip took the gospel to Samaria. Later Philip was going toward Gaza, to the south, and he rode in the chariot of an Ethiopian eunuch who was a servant of the Ethiopian queen. The eunuch believed Philip's testimony and Philip baptized him.  He later settled in Caesarea with four daughters who could prophesy (Acts 21:8-9).

Acts 6:1-6 - Appointed to distribute food
Acts 8:5-13 - In Samaria
Acts 8:26-40 - The Ethiopian eunuch

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