Chief Canaanite male god.

The word "Baal" means 'lord' or 'master' and it is applied as a general term in the Old Testament to the Canaanite gods encountered by the Israelites in their settlement and possession of the promised land.  Baal was a male fertility god whose female counterpart was Asherah. Baal was worshiped at various local shrines in and around Palestine. The cult included sacred prostitution.   Worship of Baal was promoted by some of the rulers of Israel and Judah, including Jezebel, Ahab, Ahaz, and Manasseh.   The worship of Baal was vigorously opposed by prophets like Elijah and Hosea.   The reforms of King Josiah sought to remove Baal worship from Judah.

Male Canaanite


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