A diverse collection of sayings based on the idea that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.


Keep to the paths of the just
(Prov 2:20)

Prov 1-9 consists of poems that commend the study of wisdom.   Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (1:7).  Sometimes personified, wisdom calls people to come and learn.  Pursuit of wisdom brings happiness and prosperity, while the path of folly leads to destruction.

Prov 10-31 contains short proverbial sayings.  Topics include child rearing, honesty in commerce, prudence in speech, sobriety, the importance of a good reputation, and the value of a good wife.  The collections of Proverbs are ascribed to Solomon (10:1; 25:1), to "the wise" (22:17), and to figures named Augur (30:1) and Lemuel (31:1).

Prov 1:7 - Fear of the Lord


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