Reflections on the futility of human efforts to create meaning.

"All is vanity and chasing after wind" (Eccl 1:14)

Desert sandstorm

Ecclesiastes is an address by someone known as "the Preacher" or "Teacher" (1:1).  The writer emphasizes that life is meaningless, full of vanity, and chasing after wind (1:14). Human labor, wisdom, and joy are judged to be of fleeting value since death overtakes everyone.  Birth and death, weeping and laughter, gain and loss, war and peace each have their season (3:1-8).  The meaning of life is ultimately a mystery.  Nevertheless, people are still to obey God (5:7, 7:18, 12:13) and can find some measure of enjoyment in their work (9:7-10).

Eccl 1:2 - All is vanity
Eccl 3:1-8 - To everything there is a season


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