2 Samuel

Relates King David's rule and attempts of others to obtain his throne.

King David

King David

2 Sam 1-7 recounts David's rise to power.  After Saul's death there is civil war.  The followers of David are based in the south and the followers of Saul's son Ishbosheth are based in the north.  David eventually prevails, establishing a new capital at Jerusalem, which is centrally located.   He also makes Jerusalem a center for worship.  David's reign began in 1000 BC.

2 Sam 8-12 tells how David expands his boundaries.  David enlarges his political boundaries by conquest, and he violates moral boundaries by committing adultery with Bathsheba and having her husband killed.  The prophet Nathan rebukes David.  The king repents, but the child he has fathered dies.

2 Sam 13-20 is the story of Absalom .   David's son Absalom has followers proclaim him king, then he drives David from Jerusalem.  In battle, Absalom gets caught in a tree and is slain by David's men.   David weeps at his son's death.

2 Sam 21-24 reports various crises from David's reign.  The last of these is a plague that breaks out after David takes a census.  In response, David purchases a piece of land on which to build an altar.  This will be the place where David's son Solomon will build the Temple.

2 Sam 7:4-17 - God's promise to David
2 Sam 11 - David and Bathsheba
2 Sam 15 - Absalom's revolt



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