Story of a Moabite woman's faithfulness to her mother-in-law, a poor widow.


Ruth gathered grain
in the fields of Boaz

An Israelite woman named Naomi moves from Bethlehem to Moab east of the Jordan to escape a famine.  There her two sons marry Moabite women.  When Naomi's husband and sons die she decides to return to Bethlehem.  One of her daughters-in-law remains in Moab, but the other, whose name is Ruth, insists on staying with Naomi.  The women arrive in Bethlehem during the grain harvest.  Ruth works in the fields of a man named Boaz, who is a distant relative of Naomi.  Boaz instructs his workers to treat Ruth kindly and Naomi has Ruth meet Boaz at the threshing floor one night.  Boaz arranges to marry Ruth.  Their great-grandson is David, king of Israel.


Ruth 1:16-17 - Ruth's loyalty



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