Recounts how a Jewish Queen saves her people from a planned anti-Jewish pogrom.

Queen Esther

King Ahasuerus of Persia hosts a great festival, but when queen Vashti refuses to obey him, the king seeks a new wife.  His new queen is Esther, a beautiful Jewish woman.  A wicked royal official named Haman is offended when Esther's foster father Mordecai refuses to bow down to him.  Haman plans a massive persecution of the Jews and devises to have Mordecai hanged.  Mordecai, however, is honored by the king for reporting a plot against the king's life and the wicked Haman is executed instead.  Esther then intercedes on behalf of the Jewish people.  The king gives the Jews the right of self-defense.  When the persecution begins, the Jews defeat their enemies.  The festival of Purim commemorates this victory.

Esth 3:7-11 - Pogrom planned
Esth 8:1-14 - Pogrom foiled


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Photo courtesy of Kathleen McCallum.

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